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How to Upload, Link, and Embed





a Question: Click the button “Question” at the top of any page. Then select from the options (Default, Poll, Photo and Video Question) at the top of the “Ask Your Question“ pane. For a ‘Default Question’, fill in the upper field with the basics of your question, and in the lower larger field, add more details (optional) to elaborate on your question, and to make it more interesting.


(The upper field does not accept html code, and it will be automatically stripped out upon posting)

Next select a category for your question (not optional) by clicking the dropdown menu. The menu consists of main categories listed alphabetically in the top portion of the menu, and subcategories, and their root directory, are listed alphabetically in the lower portion. Click on your category selection.

Next, you may add a “Tag” (optional) Type a word that is specific to the topic of your question. The clickable tag will be attached to your question, making it easy for you and other users to find other related questions.

Next click “Post Question” and you’re done. Your question will appear within the category that you’ve selected. If you wish to start over with your question, click “Reset Form”.

If you wish to edit your question after posting, that can be done by first locating your question, either by way of clicking the category in which you’ve posted your question, or click on “My Profile” near the top of the page (you can also click on your screen name to navigate to your profile page). If you click a category, scroll until you locate your question, and click on it. If you’ve gone to your profile page, click on “View” in the “Questions Asked” section, then scroll to your question and click on it. Next click the “Edit This Question” button. Your screen will darken and an editing field will appear. (This function only allows editing to the details part of your question) Edit your question and click “Save”. (You may also cancel the editing process by clicking cancel)

To ask a


Question: select Poll Question at the top of the pane, which will open an extension in the pane. Ask your question in the upper field designated for poll questions. Then add your options to the field designated “Add a Poll Option” one at a time. After typing in your first option, press enter on your keyboard. Follow these steps for each additional option. As in a Default Question, you may add more details, select a category and add tags. Then click “Post Question”.


To ask a


Question: select Photo Question at the top of the pane, which will open an extension in the pane. Ask your question in the upper field, and then click “Upload Photo”. A pop-up window will open. In the upper field type in the caption you would like for your photo, then click “Browse”. Another pop-up window will open allowing you to browse your computer files for your photo. When you’ve found it, click “Open”. Your photo’s information will appear in the “Photo File” field, then click “Upload”. You may also add more details, tags and select a category. Then Click “Post Question”.


To ask a


Question: select Video Question at the top of the pane, which will open an extension in the pane. Ask your question in the upper field, and then select which type of Video you want to post. (Youtube or New Video) For a Youtube video, copy the embed code for your video from Youtube, then paste it in the field designated “Video Embed Code”. You may also add more details, tags and a category. Then click “Post Question”.


For a

New Video

Question: select the “Upload New Video” option. Fill in the fields marked with stars (Title and Description) then click “Click to Add New Video”.


This will open a pop-up window allowing you to browse your computer for your personal video. When you’ve found your video, click on it and then click “Open”. Then click “Upload Video”. This process will take a few minutes because your video is being copied When that step of the process has completed, the pop-up window will close automatically. (Do not close the window yourself, or the process will abort)

Once completed, you may add a category and tags, and view your video before posting. This step also takes a few minutes before you can view your video, because the video is being prepared so that it can be viewed as a Youtube video. After you’ve waited a few minutes click “View Video”. If the video is ready, it will play, if not the video screen will say so. You can try again later if you wish, or just click “Post Question. Your video will appear in the question when it’s ready for viewing.

You may also post Youtube videos in answers and comments. For either an answer or comment, copy the embed code from Youtube and paste it into the same field as you type your response. Then add [youtube] to the front of the code, and [/youtube] to the back of the code, and then post.

To add a link, refer to the instructions in the latter portion of this Help section, or click “Formatting Tips” which is located under the “Ask Your Question” pane.



a Question: If you want to answer questions within a specific category, choose from the category list on the left side of the “Home Page”. (Navigation to the “Home Page” is done by either clicking “Home” or the “Answer” button at the top of any page) Once you’ve clicked on a category, you can narrow your search by clicking one of the subcategories. Questions relating to your category, will appear to the right of the category list. Scroll to the question that you would like to answer, and click on it. Next click the “Answer This Question” button. A field will appear in which you can type your answer. (You can add video and photos to this field, in the same manner as in posting a question) Then click the “Post Answer” button, or if you wish, you can also “Reset” and start over. Answers may be either edited, or deleted by the answerer, by either clicking the “Edit Your Answer” or “Delete Your Answer” button, just under your answer.


To Post a


: You can post comments to both Questions and Answers respectively, by clicking on the “Comment” button. This will bring up all the comments made regarding the question or answer, along with a green cross and “Add Comment”. Click on “Add Comment” and a field will appear in which you can type in your comment. When finished, click the “Add” button and your comment will be added to the thread. (you may also cancel and return to the page)


Dark : If at any time while asking, answering or commenting, your screen darkens after you post, and doesn’t return to normal in a couple of seconds, click the refresh button in your browser; this will bring the page back to functioning normally.

Formatting Tips


 Text Formatting
» Bold Text - [b][/b], e.g. : [b]Tips[/b] » Italic Text - [i][/i], e.g. : [i]Tips[/i]
» Underline Text - [u][/u], e.g. : [u]Tips[/u] » Strikethrough Text - [s][/s], e.g. : [s]Tips[/s]
» Bigger Text - [big][/big], e.g. : [big]Tips[/big] » Smaller Text - [b][/b], e.g. : [small]Tips[/small]
» Superscript - [sup][/sup], e.g. : [sup]Tips[/sup] » Subscript - [sub][/sub], e.g. : [sub]Tips[/sub]

 Smileys or, Emotions
Smile - [:)] Big Grin - [:D] Mellow - [:|]
Sad - [:(] Mad - [>:(] Cool - [8)]
Wink - [;)] LOL - [:-lol] Hug - [:-hug]
Kiss - [:-kiss] Happy Yes - [:-happyyes] Happy No - [:-happyno]
Sad No - [:-sadno] Bleh - [:-bleh] Sweat - [:-sweat]
Unsure - [:-unsure] Tongue - [:p]  
 Youtube Videos (Answers and Comments)
[youtube]YouTube Video Embed Code[/youtube]
e.g. : [youtube] [/youtube]

 Images (Answers and Comments)
[image width=<0-450>][/image]
e.g. : [image width=425][/image]
Note :
  • Image must be among png, jpg, gif or, bmp.
  • You must include the "width" attribute.
  • Set "width" to 0 for no resizing and, max allowed value is 450.
  • Bigger images must specify "width" attribute with value greater than 0.
  • Image url must always starts with " http:// ".

 Hyper Links
[link url=][/link]
e.g. : [link url=Site address here starting with http]Words placed here will display as your link[/link]
Note :
  • You must include the "url" attribute.
  • Link url must always starts with " http:// ".
  • Only links, belonging to domains that are added as exception by the admin, are parsed into link. No other links would be parsed.



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